Cinematographer. Storyteller. Filmmaker. 

I think my first experience with films was in the maternity ward when my father - a radiologist with love for cinema - saw me for the first time through the lens of his super 8mm.

I grew up surrounded by equipments that could in some way, capture and produce images. In this environment I did my first films with my brother and I was building my influences, leading the passion to the seventh art as something fun.

In 2010, I moved to New York, and enrolled in the Directing program (One Year Film Making Program) at the New York Film Academy. A semester later, I turned my attention to the cinematography (One Year Cinematography Program) and graduated as a cinematographer.

Since then, I've done many works as cinematographer and director, between feature films, short films, tv commercials, music videos and other wonderful experiences. Works that earned awards, recognition and mainly lots of joy. Jobs that fuel my passion for filmmaking.



A little boy embarks on a journey trying to repair his favorite toy.


This film won the top 5 awards in the "100 Hour Film Race" international competition, including Best Picture, Best Screenplay and Best Director. And participated in more festivals around the world.

Directed by: Marcelo Borja and Toni Comas

Cinematographer: Anna Franquesa

A mother prepares a carrot cake for her son who is in prison, but something is not right. What great secret does she have?


Winner of 3 awards in the international competition "100 Hour Film Race", including Best Actress and Best Screenplay.

Directed by: Marcelo Borja e Robson Santos

Cinematographer: Marcelo Borja

Carrot Cake (2012)

A blind woman in New York and a blind girl in Belo Horizonte undergo an episode of Extra Sensory Perception and discover incredible things.


Winner of 3 awards in the international competition "100 Hour Film Race", including Best Editing, Best Screenplay and Second Place for Best Film.

Directed by: Marcelo Borja e Toni Comas

Cinematographer: Marcelo Borja e Rodin Ramidi

Belo York (2016)